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A new diploma that will confer a Bachelor of Arts degree :


           The DNMADE

National Diploma in Fine Craft and Design


The DNMADE (Diplôme National des Métiers d’Art et du Design) is the    new National Diploma of higher education in Contemporary Craft and Design that will confer  on its holder a Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • From 2019-2020 onwards, DNMADE1 will replace the foundation year (MANAA)
  • From 2020-2021 DNMADE2 will replace BTS1 and DMA1
  • From 2021-2022 DNMADE3 will replace BTS2 and DMA2
  • The first DNMADE students to graduate (Bachelor grade) will be in 2022.




Undergraduate (2 years study) Full-time


  • Communication design: Space and Volume
  • Graphic Design, specialized in Communication and Media Printed
  • Graphic Design, specialized in Communication and Digital Media
  • Interior Design
  • Textile Design and Printing
  • Product Design
  • Cinematic Arts and Animation 2D


DN MADE: 3 years studies full-time

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Language of instruction: French / Number of credits allocated: 2

Work placement: Compulsory for Esaat's students - sem2 / 6 weeks at least / Number of credit allocated:4