International workshop Space & Volume Design

11 May 2015

Our second-year students of further education in Space & Volume Design took part in an international workshop with EASD, based in Valencia,

They conceived the scenography for an opera entitled "Una Cosa Rara" de Vicente Martin y Soler (1754 - 1806), a "comic drama"  occurring in the Sierra Morena at the end of the 15th century.

In a nutshell, the whole story revolves around Prince Giovanni, intent on seducing a young sheperdess who remains true to her love for sheperd Lubino. The stage director decided to transfer the intrigue to modern times making references to musicals and popular culture.

This creation enabled various cross-exchanges via video conferences as well as working sessions on the field during a study trip. This visit, happening from March 9th to 13th 2015, allowed students and professors from both institutes to mix and enrich their respective know-hows. 

One of the projects will be selected and actualized at EASD for public performances due in May 2015.