ésaat Foundation studies groups : York, Bradford, London discovery Days, march 2016

13 May 2016

In recent early spring, from March 21st to 26th, the three foundation classes of Roubaix ésaat discovered facets of England highlighted in the spirit of art & design, culture and sceneries.

Completed with two enriching days in London marked with Design Museum, Modern Tate and Camden Town visits,the first part of the trip enabled our foundation students to have a taste of the vivifying charms of Yorkshire in exploring Bradford and York historical heritages and through the enjoyment of a walk in those hills favoured by the Brontë sisters.

March 22nd happened to be a great opportunity for our students and the five accompanying teachers – specializing respectively in art & design, French studies and English - to meet their counterparts at Bradford School of Art & Northern School of Creative Industries during a jazzy Indian lunch and workshops in the studies and practices of embroidery, engraving, print, media creation, fashion, make up and prosthetic design.

We at Roubaix ésaat wish to express our warmest thanks to Mr Nathan Kelly, Head of Faculty, to the team of professors and to the students of Bradford School of Art & Northern School of Creative Industries for their splendid welcome amidst their prestigious institute and for those unforgettable moments of exchanges and conviviality enhancing the closeness, collaboration and partnership between our two schools.