Encounter with a Work of Art in Roubaix

11 May 2015

ESAAT takes part in the first edition of "Encounter with a Work of Art" at "La Piscine" museum in Roubaix.
Foundation, animation and further education students participate in the event that ambitions to have students re-discover and assimilate creatively a cultural heritage exhibited within close vicinity of our institute.

The first-year students from our Space and Volume Design department join in the performance, having been instructed to apply their own stamp and touch on a work of art through volume and material.
This partnership has given rise to a fruitful association between our school and the museum's administration and will most certainly be re-conducted next year.

The staged hangings of creations took place on April 7th in the "back-to-order" room of the museum, opening day was Friday10th April, 5 pm.
This exhibition could be visited till April 19th.Find below pictures from the exhibition and a link to a video showing décors installed by the animation students.