The School does not have its own halls of residence.

We will inform all accepted students if there will be a possibility for applying in dorms situated in Roubaix or Lille but due to high demands, we strongly recommend students to rent a private flat.

There are plenty of advertisements on the Internet concerning available rooms such as https://www.leboncoin.fr/recherche/?category=10&locations=Roubaix_59100&real_estate_type=2

You can also join the School facebook group and put an ad for a room or a flatshare : https://fr-fr.facebook.com/groups/7702951315/

or refer to:




For any queries, please contact our international office. We will do our best to help you to find a suitable accomodation as we have a list of some private landlords around the School.

Conditions for private housing

Rental costs depend on type (room or flat), location (part of the city) and facilities. 

Private housing generally ranges from 270 € to 400 € a month in Roubaix, and will be a bit more expensive in Lille.

Paying a (refundable) deposit (corresponding to one month rent ) to the landlord on entering the flat is a usual practice. Bills for some amenities (gas, electricity, telephone,wi-fi or cable internet connection...) usually are not included in the rental price.

A certificate of insurance will be required  as home insurance is compulsory. The amount to be paid will vary according to the size of the flat and the risks covered.

Students are advised to sign agreements with landlords, specifying exact rental terms and conditions.

Be aware that before signing the lease, an inventory of the property may be carried out, taking note of all eventual damage.  You have to leave the accommodation in the state in which you found it.

If you share the landlord's flat, make sure you are allowed to have visitors.

Before leaving you must advise your landlord (usually 1 to 3 months in advance) by sending a recorded-delivery letter notifying your departure.


 Health Insurance:

Eu students : Your are entitled to use free medical services on the basis or the European Health Insurance Card. You have to issur this card before your arrival.

Non-EU students : Even if you come with your own health insurance, French Government requires that students affiliate to the French Social Security System. www.ameli.fr

It is highly recommended to subscribe a complementary health care system.

Accident insurance:

You should issue an accident insurance that covers costs related to any expenses that you could possibly have to pay in case of an accident ( such as transport to a hospital, costs of emergency and treatment...).

Students generally cover this insurance all together with an international cart such as ISIS or EYca.


As an Erasmus+ student, you are exempt from paying any registering or tuiton fees for education.

International students: ésaat is a state school, so no scholarship fees are charged.

Please note that ésaat does not cover the costs of materials and devices that you will need to accomplish your artistic projects.

Visa and residence permit

Students from the European Union, EEC and Switzerland are exempted.

You need a valid identity card or a valid passport.

Non-EU students need a visa and if the stay continues for more than 3 months, you will have to apply for the issue of a temporary residence card.

Please check with the French Consulate close to your home. It will give the process and the list of required documents to get a visa.

Administrative prodecures in France : www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/france

Bank account

Opening a bank account is recommended. It is compulsory for non European students. You will need one if you recive the accommodation allowance.


Esaat offers meals (3.65€/meal) at midday only but you can buy food to go, snacks and traditional meals around the School..

You can also bring your meal and have it warmed up at the cafeteria equipped with micro waves ovens.





The school environment

Roubaix is part of Lille Metropolis with a population of more than one million inhabitants.

At the heart of Europe, Roubaix enjoys an exceptional geographic location, reinforce by its easy access to the TGV (High Speed Train), the Channel Tunnel and an extensive motorway network. It is located less than one hour by train from Paris and Brussels, one and a half hour from London and Three hours from Amsterdam.

The city of Lille offers manu artistic and cultural events troughout the year: www.lilletourism.com

To learn more about Roubaix (Fr): https://fr.calameo.com/read/000053137c8d177d4975c

Our equipments

Workstations under Mac environment are put at the service of each student.

Esaat is open to students from Monday to Friday, from 8:00am till 8:00pm and offers:

  • An experimental platform called DEL (Design Esaat Lab) is open to students (under conditions) and equipped with 3 3D printers...
  • A "photo studio" where students can take pictures of their projects. It includes a blank background and projectors. Cameras may be borroed by studetns.
  • A student union (bureau des étudiants - BDE) organizes cultural and festive events to create a friendly atmosphere among students and unite them around the identity of the School.
  • A library that provides a lot of services: borrowing of documents among a selection of national and international publications in the fields of architecture, fine arts, design, photography, art history, advice and assistance with documentary research...
  • Sports amenities with access to a sporting activity at a very low cost to students of the School and various sporting events throughout the year.