Students exchange programs are actively promoted and pursued at ésaat.

Exchange studies are open for students whose university or department has an exchange agreement with us.

 Download the Erasmus Student Charter (PDF)

Esaat Erasmus code: F ROUBAIX09

Who can apply for exchange studies ?

If you are interested in attending our School as an exchange student for one or two semesters, please check with your Exchange Coordinator or international Office in your home university to find out if your home university has an exchange agreement with ésaat.

Then you have to be nominated by your home university in order to be eligible to apply.

If no agreement is settled, ask your international office to contact us: ri.0594391c(at)ac-lille(dot)fr

Students with disabilities are welcome to ésaat.


Teaching language

The main teaching language is French. However, all students and most teachers speak good English.

The Common European Framework of Reference for languages defines the levels of language users as follow:

  • Basic User: A1 and A2
  • Independant User: B1 and B2
  • Proficient User: C1 and C2



As an Erasmus+ student, you can study at ésaat one or two semesters.

Deadlines for application
Autumn semester and whole year: May 15th
Spring semester:  November 15th

The applicant's home institution should send a nomination email (including the student's name, email address and the chosen department) to ri.0594391c(at)ac-lille(dot)fr

A comittee of our teachers will examine portfolios and applicants will be informed about their decision within a month.

The result is highly depending on the applicant's portfolio and on the School's capacity.

For application process, please refer  to home page:



Examination and grading system




15 to 20


Very Good

Outstanding performance

13 to 14



Performance well exceeds the average

10 to 12



Average performance

8 to 10



Marginal performance meets requirements despite some weaknesses




Performance does not meet minimum requirements

A transcript of record will be issued by the receiving institution no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period.


Students: Please check the validity of the agreement with your home international office.

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